Botox like effect, without injections

Here is a secret for you:

Let me tell you about Biotulin.

Biotulin is a clear gel, from a plant extract and works as a plant anesthetic.

Dentists have used it in the past. It relaxes facial muscles like Botox injections.

It is safer than Botox injections because it does not have the potent neurotoxin in it that is traditionally found in Botox injections. As this may paralyze facial muscles e.g causing droopy eyelids.

It is for all skin types and has another vital ingredient called Hyaluronic acid, which is a potent moisturiser. Hyaluronic acid builds up collagen, which usually would dry up under the skin as we get older. It therefore helps to prevent age-related wrinkle formation! So the longer you use Biotulin, the more your skin will get the beneficial youthful look as well.

Biotulin triggers no allergies or adverse skin effects and can be incorporated under your daily skin cream, as it is perfume and paraben free. It has only natural ingredients with a low alcohol content.

A pea sized drop is enough for the forehead, frown lines, between the eye brows, lips and crow’s feet (also known as laugh lines or character lines around the eyes). A tube of Biotulin should last 4-6 weeks.

After less than 60 minutes it develops it's full tightening effect and this last 25 hours. This treatment is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Men are welcome to use it too. It will provide the same rejuvenating effects for them.

Feel free to come into your Health Shop in Orewa (3 Tamariki Avenue) and have a look at it.

It is now on special for $109 (usually priced at $130).

See you then.

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