Spirularin HS Creme 10g

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Natural, acute care or daily prevention of cold sores


  • Clinically proven: naturally 3x more effective against cold sores than acyclovir cream
  • Effective acute care – antibacterial action of Spiralin® prevents secondary infections
  • Reduced outbreaks – proactive antiviral action of Spiralin® breaks viral lifecycle
  • Accelerated healing – thanks to cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin®
  • Suitable as everyday lip care – 100% natural ingredients incl. Shea butter & jojoba oil
  • Added SPF15 – protects lips against UV-damage (a common cold sore trigger)

  • Spiralin® Microalgae Extract: In the case of cold sores, the proactive antiviral action of Spiralin® prevents the cold sore virus (Herpes Simplex Virus 1) from attaching to healthy cells. This breaks the viral lifecycle and contains the virus, reducing outbreaks of cold sores. Should you miss the “tingle”, or wake up with a blister, the antibacterial action of Spiralin® will prevent any secondary (bacterial) infections, while the cell-regenerative properties accelerate healing of the blister.
  • Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil: moisturise & condition lips, to ensure the natural protection barrier is maintained & risk of a cold sore outbreak further reduced

Acute care: Apply a thin layer of cream directly to the blister, on and around the lips or skin of affected area, twice daily (morning & night). Do not cover with any patches, cream dries clear and neutral flavoured.

Proactive care: Apply a thin layer of cream all over the lips (as with a lip balm) twice daily, morning & night to minimise the risk of cold sore outbreaks. Apply extra if exposed to sun for longer periods, or prior to usual triggers (UV-exposure, stress, etc.)

Best practice: Each person should have their own tube of Spirularin®HS Cold Sore Cream to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.

If there are other skin issues with your lips you are aware of, come into the health shop, let me have a look at it or phone and make an appointment and see me as naturopath in my clinic.
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