Livaform 100's

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Livaform is formulated to provide broad spectrum liver support. Lipotropic factors are provided to support fat and cholesterol metabolism. This product also included other co-enzyme components that support borader liver detoxification, digestion enzymes, bile duct and kidney functions. Livaform also supplies a significant quantity of vitamin A, which is potentized by its co-factors.


  • fatty liver
  • cholesterol imbalances
  • poor digestion of fats
  • allergies
  • liver congestion

Directions for use:
Aduts: take 1 tablet twice daily with food or as directed by your health care professional

Each tablet contains:
vitamin A  482mcg
vitamin B12 196mcg
Iron(as fumerate) 1.2mg
Choline                 78mg
Inositol 14mg
Betaine HCL 27mg
Dehydrocholic 11.4mg
Deoxycholic  3mg
Alfalfa  16mg
Pepsin ( 1: 1000) 4mg
Liver concentrate 8mg
Bovine brain base 24.2mg
Bovine kidney base 64.2mg
Bovine liver base 181mg
Bovine pancrease base 20mg

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