Vaso B plus G

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Vaso B plus G is a B complex supplement that highly favours Niacin (B3). As the vitamins are enzymatically extracted from organic food sources, the nutrients in the supplemant areextremely absorbable. The unique formaulation is designed to provide support for the nervous system, vasodilation and pellagra (niacin deficiency).

Each tablet contains:

vitamin B1   1.9mg
vitamin B2   3.4mg
vitamin B6   3.8mg
Niacinamide 214mg
Calcium pantothenate(B5)  5.3mg
Betaine HCL 3mg
Bovine Brain Base 245mg
Bovine Liver Base 20mg
Bovine Pancreas Base 25mg

One tablet daily with food or directed by health practitioner

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