Luffa comp-Heel Nasal Spray 20 mL

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Luffa comp-Heel Nasal Spray 20 mL(Luffeel)

• Allergies
• Hay Fever
• Mucous Congestion

Relief of the symptoms of allergies and hay fever. Relief of mucous congestion. May help reduce the severity of symptoms of allergic reactions of the upper respiratory tract.

Active Ingredients:
Each 1 g contains: Luffa operculata 4X 100 mg; Luffa operculata 12X 100 mg; Luffa operculata 30X 100 mg; Galphimia glauca 4X 100 mg; Galphimia glauca 12X 100 mg; Galphimia glauca 30X 100 mg; Histaminum hydrochloricum 12X 50 mg; Histaminum hydrochloricum 30X 50 mg; Histaminum hydrochloricum 200X 50 mg; Sulfur 12X 50 mg; Sulfur 30X 50 mg; Sulfur 200X 50 mg. Contains sodium chloride.

Allergies cause a great deal of suffering and inconvenience to those affected. Up to 20% of the population suffers from allergies. Allergic reactions occur when a trigger, such as pollen or dust, induce an exaggerated response by the immune system. While avoidance of triggers makes sense it is not always possible. A better option is to try to stabilise the immune response.

Clinically proven
No side effects
Does not cause drowsiness
Suitable for long term use
Significant symptom relief
In a drug monitoring study, concomitant administration of Luffa comp.-Heel nasal spray was rated by over 70% of 1,090 hay fever patients as either "good" or "very good" therapy.
In a randomized, double-blind clinical study of 146 patients suffering from seasonal allergic rhinits the effectiveness of Luffa comp.-Heel nasal spray was compared to that of cromolyn sodium nasal spray over a six week period.

Directions: Four to eight sprays daily per nostril of Luffa comp.-Heel nasal spray resulted in significant and lasting symptom improvement.

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