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Rich in vitamins and minerals Lifestream Body Cleansing Chlorella provides high levels of chlorophyll for cleansing, balancing and nourishing your digestive system. 
  • Acts as an internal cleanse
  • A natural detoxifier
  • Helps to reduce body odour
  • Helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals
 Detoxification is a natural, daily cleansing process used by our body to remove toxins. The body's natural ability to detoxify itself properly is dependent on it functioning at an optimum level. 
Active Ingredients:Each Capsule Contains:Pure Outdoor Grown Chlorella 500mg Lifestream guarantee no synthetic binders, fillers or additives. Each 2gm dose (4 capsules) naturally provides the following typical average analysis: Special Plant Phytonutrients: 
Chlorophyll 74mgChlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 403mg
Essential Fatty Acids 158mg Natural Vitamins:
Beta carotene 2.2mgVitamin C      1.9mgMixed Tocopherols 450mcgVitamin B1     30mcg
Vitamin B2   110mcg
Vitamin B3(Niacin) 650mcgVitamin B6     50mcg
Vitamin D       18mcgVitamin K       22mcg
Folic Acid       48mcgBiotin              6mcg
Natural Minerals:Calcium   12mg
Iron         2.8mg
Magnesium 6mg
Potassium 11mg
Dosage:Adults: Take 4 capsules daily.
If you have never taken Chlorella before, start with 1 capsule daily and slowly build up the dose over a week. Drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins 

  •  Not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Contains microalgae.
  • Some people may initially experience headaches, spots, tiredness or changes in bowel motions when first taking chlorella.
  • In the rare case of vomiting, intestinal pain, nausea or constipation, discontinue use.
  • If taking prescription medicine, consult a healthcare professional before using chlorella.

Extended Information:What is Lifestream Chlorella?Lifestream Chlorella is a microscopic plant containing over 20 vitamins and minerals and is abundant in RNA & DNA nucleic acids. Chlorella gets its name from the high amount of chlorophyll it possesses. Lifestream Chlorella contains the richest natural source of chlorophyll available. As such, it has powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties and makes an excellent tonic. The detoxification capability of Lifestream Chlorella is due to its incredibly high content of chlorophyll and its ‘cracked’ cell walls. They have the uncanny ability to ‘grab onto’ unwanted materials, pollutants and some heavy metal residues in the bowel and intestines and help to flush them from the body.
Unique to Chlorella is CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which has contains a variety of substances such as amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugars, and nucleic acid-related substances such as adenosine nucleotide and cytidine nucleotide. We believe Lifestream Chlorella is the finest available anywhere in the world.  Why?Lifestream Chlorella is outdoor-grown in rich mineral water in world-renowned pristine subtropical coral reef islands. This is a far superior quality process to indoor-grown chlorella resulting in much higher levels of chlorophyll and CGF. Lifestream Chlorella undergoes a unique jet spray, drying process which guarantees that you get the full nutrition available by gently cracking the individual Chlorella cell walls without damaging the nutrients inside. The end result is 80% digestibility which is an optimum amount making it very effective in the bowel area without over processing the chlorella. Lifestream Chlorella capsules and powder contain 100% pure Chlorella. Lifestream Chlorella tablets contain a very small amount (0.5%) of a tabletting aid which helps in the manufacturing of the tablets to ensure uniformity. Lifestream Chlorella is certified by the strict standards set by Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association (JHFA). Lifestream Chlorella is unconditionally guaranteed

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