Comb T 6X First Stage of Illness 125 Tabs

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Schuessler Tissue Salts Combination (T) 1st Stage of Illness Tablets 125
 Combination T is a specifically formulated remedy for the first stage of illness, fever, sore throat and immune support. Tissue Salts are homoeopathically prepared minerals which support the healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels in the cells. They are the 12 vital minerals that the body needs daily to support cell metabolism and ensure that the minerals which the body ingests in food are evenly distributed. They were developed, promoted and successfully put into practice as a therapeutic system by the German physician, Dr. Schuessler at the end of the 19th Century. 
Active Ingredients:Per Serving
  • Ferr Phos: 6X
  • Kali Mur: 6X

Dosage:Adults: 1 tablet every 30 minutes, up to 6 times a day. Children: 1/2 tablet every 30 minutes, up to 6 times a day. 

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