Papaya Mint 70 tabs

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Nature's Sunshine Papaya Mint Tablets 70   Benefits:
  • Papaya Mints are a proprietary blend of papaya fruit, peppermint leaf and peppermint oil making it an ideal combination to nutritionally support the digestive system.
  • This digestive aid can also be used as a delicious before dinner mint or as a breath freshener anytime.
  • Helps enhance the digestion of proteins.
  • Encourages the production of digestive fluids.
 Dosage: Chew 2 tablets with a meal three times daily, or use between meals as a breath freshener  

Active Ingredients: Per 2 tablets   Proprietary Blend 715mg
Papaya Fruit (Carica papaya)
Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita)
Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita)  
Extended Information: Papaya - is the only known food to contain papain, a powerful proteolytic enzyme that helps break down proteins, small peptides, amides and esters. Papain is quite similar to pepsin a digestive enzyme produced by the body, and its activity also extends to carbohydrates and fats. Peppermint oil - has been used historically as a culinary herb to enhance the digestive functions of the body.

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