BioDisrupt 120 caps

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Features & Benefits:

BioDisrupt® supports the healthy immune system’s ability to target the sophisticated self-defense mechanisms of biofilms, the unwanted extracellular organisms that help bacteria evade immune system detection. As part of this system, these organisms assemble into clusters, surround themselves with a protective physical matrix, and communicate (quorum-sensing) among themselves. Unable to pierce biofilms, many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical immune products do not detect the bacteria, leading to even more of these extracellular organisms.

Mechanisms of Action:

  • Disrupt biofilm matrices
  • Interrupt quorum-sensing (biofilm intra/intercommunication)
  • Support the body’s anti-adhesion properties
Researched Nutritionals BioDisrupt is a unique blend of herbs and enzymes that targets germ hiding biofilms. Chronic infections may evade the immune system and anti-microbial agents hiding in complex structures called biofilms. Research Nutritionals BioDisrupt targets these biofilms in multiple ways to support the immune system's ability to fight germs and to decrease barriers to herbal and prescription antibiotics used to treat chronic infections.

Key Ingredients:

BioDisrupt contains these key ingredients: lysozyme, serratiopeptidase, beta-glucanase, lipase, Protease4.5, cellulase, hemicellulase, cranberry extract, berberine, rosemary extract, peppermint oil powder, and N-acetylcysteine.

The key ingredients may:

  • breakup biofilm matrices composed of mucopolysaccharides and protein matrices
  • interrupt quorum-sensing communication in biofilms
  • support disruption of biofilm stickiness to surfaces

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