Myc-P 120ml

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Balanced Support Myc-P™ was formulated to target atypical and difficult microbial issues. A combination of synergistic herbs was used to strengthen its effectiveness. Supportive herbs for the immune and detoxification systems were also added to aid the body’s healing process.  Non-soy phospholipids form the base of the tincture to increase absorption and delivery of herbs to the tissues. Myc-P™ may be used with other microbial support tinctures or prescriptions for additional microbial support.

Features & Benefit:s

  • Balanced Organ Support – developed to promote healthy multi-organ function
  • Peak Absorption – phospholipid delivery complex for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Superior Herbal Extraction Process – organic cane alcohol is the preferred extraction process for alkaloid containing roots & barks

Researched Nutritonals Myc-P is a unique blend of antimicrobial and immune supportive herbs mixed in an advanced liposomal delivery system that may provide antimicrobial actions for growing and persistent forms of Lyme (Borrelia), Bartonella, and Mycoplamsa.

Key Ingredients:

Myc-P includes the following key ingredients :Ceanothus americanus (redroot), Smilax medica (sarsaparilla) ,Lomatiumdissectum ,Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset), Juglans nigra (black walnut), and Stillingia sylvatica.

The key ingredients may:

The liposomal delivery system may improve absorption of the key ingredients.

    • provide anti-microbial response in growing and persister forms of Borrelia
    • provide anti-microbial response for Bartonella
    • provide anti-microbial response for Mycoplasma
    • modulate the immune system
    • balance cytokine inflammation

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