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Alka Vita


Alka Vita has several unique features which sets it apart from other supplemental silica products. It is water soluble, making it one of the highest bio-available silica sources available. Most silica is not bio-available because it is not water soluble. Anhydrous silica which is the mineral form our bodies use to build Collagen connective tissue, Bone, etc. is the highest bio-available form. Our propriety method eliminates the caustic aspect of such a high pH product. The Concentrate pH ranges from 13.7 to a high of 14.3 depending on the pH metre being used. Your body constantly works to maintain a blood pH of around 7.35- 7.45 ph.

E.g. If Your Blood has an pH of: 7.15 it contains 65% more Oxygen than Blood with a pH value of 7.0. Or if your Salvia is below its normal 6.5-7.0 pH you have a problem with Acidity.



Alka Vita                                              29.5ml                                     Synergy Group




Stir 4 drops of Alka Vita into a 250ml glass of water three times a day


Children under 10:

Stir 2 drops of Alka Vita into a 250ml glass of water three times a day


The daily consumption can be increased to up to 50 drops @ day in water for diseases states under the guidance and recommendation of your healthcare professional. Come sin and see me a s Naturophath.


Alka Vita


Provides bio-available silica to help:


Restore against maintain optimum pH

Reduce acidic build-up

Protect against infection and Inflammation

Support your Immune system

Improve Blood circulation

Balance blood Sugar levels

Aid bone and cartilage growth Joints

Stimulate Bone formation

Lower chronic fatigue and pain Energy loss/Tiredness/Fatigue

Protect against tumours

Inhibit the growth of harmful organism- E-coli, Salmonella etc. Immune system

Detox-ify your body Liver

Improve the body’s capacity to utilize vitamins, mineral complex and nutrients


Do you suffer from…


An over acidic body pH

Weakened Immune system

A build-up of toxic waste in your body

Rapid ageing Elderly

MRSA ( Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)


Acidosis is the basic foundation of all diseases. Alka Vita provides the all-important means to alkalize the body and restore and maintain overall quality health and wellbeing.


The glands and organs function properly in exact proportion to the amount of alkaline and acid levels in your system” Dr T A Baroody Jnr author of Alkalize or Die


All metabolic possesses, including immunity, depend on a delicate balance pH, which harmonise electromagnetic energies and fields e.g. chakras in your body.


“Degenerative diseases are the result of acid waste build-up within weak cells and organs that are too weak to clean your body” Dr Gary Tunsky


Alka Vita is recommended for healing and rebuilding the body. It is particularly important is helping to maintain healthy cartilage, Bones, Joints, circulation, especially in the Elderly. It also helps to strengthens the arteries Blood pressure Disorders especially useful in assisting Liver regeneration.


Alka Vita can help to conserve cellular Oxygen and has a history of helping many serious health concerns.


Research carried out at the Department of Biological Science, Texas Tech University concluded that Alka Vita completely inhibits the growth of all bacterial strains under the test conditions including MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus Pyogenes and Staphylococcus Aureus were among the organism tested.


The antibiotic resistant Superbug, MRSA is rapidly taking hold in New Zealand with a huge increase in the last five years. To date there is very little treatment that has been effective and protective until now that is!


Come in and see me as Naturopath if you want to test Alka Vita against your body.

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