Timeless Beauty Revitalising Face Cream

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This wonderful face moisturiser is high in Natto Gum which is known to make your skin healthier as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles by encouraging the production of collagen and elasticity of the skin. Timeless Beauty also contains UMF™ 12+ Mānuka Honey and a rich blend of Avocado, Apricot and Evening Primrose oils which provides deep hydration and moisture, leaving your skin looking refreshed, plump and more youthful looking.

How To Use
After cleansing your skin with our Completely Clean cleanser, apply a small amount to fingertips and gently massage onto your face,neck and decolletage.

Skin Concerns
Wrinkles, premature aging, or dry and dehydrated skin

UMF™ 12+ Mānuka Honey Natto Gum Avocado Oil
A natural antiseptic, New Zealand Mānuka honey contains minerals, vitamins and enzymes to aid healing. It creates an optimum healing environment, drawing out infections and creating a protective barrier Natto gum is ten times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid and creates visible improvement in overall skin tone and texture, helping diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From proteins and fats to sterolin to antioxidants to lecithin and potassium, the amount of beneficial nutrients in Avocado oil are simply innumerable and can have an immediate effect on the texture and appearance of your skin.

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