Thompson's Probiotic AB Plus Capsules 30

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Thompson's Probiotic AB Plus Capsules 30 Helps increase gut flora during and after antibiotic use Plus supports the gut lining and its normal defences. Thompson's Probiotic AB Plus combines a probiotic with vitamin A, vitamin D and zinc to not only increase gut flora but to also support the gut lining and its normal defences which makes it a unique formulation Does not get destroyed by antibioticsUnlike other probiotic bacteria strains, S. boulardii is not susceptible to antibiotic destruction therefore can be taken at the same time as antibiotics which is convenient (no need to wait 3 hrs before or after antibiotic use). 

Active Ingredients:Each Capsule contains:Saccharomyces Boulardii ProSCB       250mgVitamin A                                             272mcg/RE (900IU)Vitamin D3                                           6.25mcg (250IU)Zinc(as Amino acid chelate)                 5mg 
Dosage:Adults:  Take 1 capsule three times daily during and after antibiotic use.

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