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The Snuffler® is a quirky name for a new technology that delivers ancient wellness wisdom via natural essential oils: The metal inhaler is light, handy and always ready to deliver a blast of wellness anytime, anyplace.

The Snuffler® is special as it is refillable. This will keep your inhaler out of the landfill and in your pocket for a long time.

Includes 1 refillable metal inhaler The Snuffler®, 2 wicks, and a 10ml refill of Breathe Easy-blend based on our popular natural decongestant Throat and Chest.

Directions: Unscrew the cover and place The Snuffler® tip just beneath one nostril. Close the opposite nostril by pressing the outside with your finger.  Inhale deeply. Switch nostrils.  Repeat this procedure 2-3 times per nostril. Slip The Snuffler® back into your pocket or purse. Easy peasy! Use The Snuffler® every 2-3 hours.

Children between 6-12 years, use half an adult dose.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended for children below the age of 6 years of age. Use only as directed.  Essential oils are not intended to be taken internally or put directly on skin. Do not share The Snuffler® as this may spread infection. If pregnant or breast feeding- consult your health professional before use. If essential oils are swallowed, seek medical help immediately or contact your national poison centre.

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